sabato 26 settembre 2009


Timeless is my new creation. This is a work entirely hand-made crafts.
More than 160 crystal stones hand-sewn one by one.
To make this fantastic necklace I designed a base with an original crochet design. Then I stitched around the room a luxurious velvet ribbon. The shape of the base has complicated the task. It has taken many hours to apply, but the result has been impeccable.
Then, I stitched glass buttons at the ends of the piece most salient in defining the boundary. In a third time, I have sewn one by one, over 160 crystal stones.
To top off the necklace I have applied a beautiful piece of 50mm (2 inches) Swarovski Crystal Polygon Drop Pendant Black Shadow.
The result is a unique, inimitable, exclusive and elegant: TIMELESS.
Width(without swarosvki pendant): 17 cm (6,7 inches)
Length: 39 cm (15,4 inches)

This unique creation is timeless and feminine. It adds a classy elegance to your décolleté.
Classic and dressy, the necklace will instantly shoot you to fame!

Incredibly impressive!

giovedì 2 aprile 2009

Free form (Scrumbling) Crochet Vest - Espirit Nouveau

This is my new design, it is made whit free-form crochet technique. This vest is femenine and confortable.
I hope you like it.

'Scrumbling' (that is, making things up as you go along) has always been our word for free-form crochet.

Free Form Crochet
What is freeform? Freeform crochet is like painting. The hook is a brush and the yarn a paint. The result can be abstract or realistic. Freeform is original design, not a reproduction of another person's pattern, it goes beyond the realm of patterns and restrictions that usually apply toward our art. The outcome is a piece of art like no other, not only functional, but beautiful as well.
(Information here)

domenica 29 marzo 2009

THE PERFECT BRIDE - Crocheted Chokers

Every bride wishes to find the perfect wedding accessories in order to look her best on her most special day.
This is a handmade wedding choker.

This couture crocheted choker is ideal as an accessory to a wedding dress or can be as a present to a bride that understands the concept of couture. It can also create the million dollar effect to that evening wear.


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